Why I Love Playing with Colourful Makeup

While I’ve always loved and used makeup, I’ve always kinda played it safe. Makeup was a way to hide imperfections and I would wear neutral eyeshadow & mascara only. I was probably bolder in my early teenage years – where my bestie and I would purchase the Yves Rocher glitter stick and add some to our eyelids in between classes – than I was in college where my signature look was black eyeliner and mascara.

These days, I’ve been playing a lot more with makeup and experimenting with different things. Obviously, I don’t wear super editorial looks on a daily basis, but I love to add a touch of colour here and there, one bright eyeshadow over the lid or a red eyeliner. It’s bold enough to be noticed, but it’s still 100% me. Just like fashion, makeup is another way to express one’s personality & mood.

Without a doubt, Instagram has been a huge source of inspiration for colourful yet wearable daily makeup. Whereas I tend to turn to Youtube for tutorials & how to’s, Instagram & Pinterest have been providing me with daily inspirational content.


Katie Jane Hughes is simply the real deal. If you don’t follow her already, you absolutely need to. Stories, IG lives, posts, outfits, she’s everything.

Violette is another one that I love to follow. Lately, her Youtube platform took a new direction, with recurrent guests & themes outside of makeup like fashion or nutrition, but her videos still have the same mood that I fell in love with – the Frenchy “laissez-faire” vibe. I always find myself going back and watching them, for inspiration, the looks & the aesthetic. My favourite looks are definitely Highlighted Mettalic Eyes, the Love Look  & In the Mood for Red. Can you tell I have a thing for pink & red shadows?

I discovered Delina Medhin through Violette’s channel. She’s a makeup artist based in NYC, and just like KJH, she shares her knowledge, as well as many tips & tricks. She describes her page as ‘makeup for people who love skin that looks like skin and bold colour”, which is exactly what I’m into! She’s live every weekday on Instagram Live at 11 am EST, where you can ask her all your makeup-related questions.

For photos and creative mises-en-scène, Mariah Leonard is another worthy account to follow. I also love her  YouTube videos. Her makeup style is “editorial-wearable and always educational”.

Celine Bernaerts is a true chameleon. I def don’t have the skills -yet- to recreate all her looks, but when it comes to colour pairing and originality, she always nails it. Gorgeous & effortless. On her YouTube channel, she uploads more in-depth tutorials, plus reviews and how-tos.


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