Savoury Peach Tartelettes with Pistachio Pesto


Do you remember your first time having a peach? Somehow, the taste of peaches always brings me back to my childhood. For me, peaches mean summers in Spain, and how my parents would often make sangria for (our rather late) lunch. My dad would sometimes give me a little piece of peach, soaked in red wine (very lightly, don’t worry!). Every summer, as soon as they’re back in season, I love making any excuse to eat as many peaches as I can. And these savoury peach tartelettes with pistachio pesto are indeed a great excuse – especially with their uniquely flavourful pairing of peaches & Kaltbach cheese.


Kaltbach Le Crémeux is a truly magical cheese. Kaltbach is a 22 million-year-old natural sandstone labyrinth located in Switzerland that ages cheese like nowhere else in the world. There’s a river next to the cave that lends some humidity and gives a unique flavor to the Kaltbach family of cheeses. I should say it’s a bit on the expensive side – so if you don’t feel like spending too much money on cheese, then you could swap it out for some Comté, which is usually a bit easier to find. Of course, being French, I like good quality cheeses 😌 So I don’t mind spending a bit of money on better quality products from time to time.

This recipe is great for light, quick & easy dinners – or if you’re thinking of inviting some friends or family over, this would also be the perfect amuse-bouche for a cocktail party. For this recipe, I cut my pastry sheets into six pieces because I love small tartelettes and because it makes them easier to share – but you could also just make two large tarts if you prefer!

So please do yourself a favor and treat yourself to some peaches; they’re in season and they’re insanely delicious. Go to your local farmers’ market, eat some and try out the recipe!


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