Meet Illustrator Roeqiya Fris + GIVEAWAY

Roeqiya Fris

When I started this blog, of course I wanted to share some recipes with you, but I always had the idea to share more, whether that be in the realm of lifestyle, inspirational posts, well-being or skincare, as there are so many things I feel passionate about. So I’ve finally decided to start sharing with you some of my favourite things and people who inspire me!


Today I’m delighted to kick things off and speak to you about Roeqiya Fris, a Dutch-Egyptian artist based in Rotterdam, whose illustrations have been mesmerising me for the past several months.

I came across her profile on Instagram a few months ago and was immediately hypnotised by the colours, the patterns in her images and the striking femininity in her work.

Each illustration is an invitation to a voyage. Roeqiya draws inspiration from her sisters, her family, nature, her roots and her travels.

She graciously agreed to respond to a few of my questions – you can find the interview below. And as well as this, I’m excited to say that I also have a work of hers to give away to one lucky follower. Check my profile on Instagram to follow the rules and have a chance to win the print!

Roeqiya sells her illustrations as prints in her Etsy shop and you can follow her work on Instagram.



  • I know you live in Rotterdam now but your illustrations depict a lot of exotic and colorful locations, are there any particular places that have inspired you the most? Are they places that you grew up?

Yes, Morocco, Andalucía and Egypt! I grew up in the Netherlands, but when I was a child I went a few times to Cairo with my parents, that was wonderful. My mother is from Egypt and my father from the Netherlands.

  • Where would like to go next?

I will go to Lisbon and Marrakech in the next months! And I would like to go to Istanbul and Cairo again.

  • By looking at your illustrations, it’s striking that there is a feminine touch, is there a reason you decided to focus on women in particular. Are they inspired by real women? 

Women are inspiring for me, maybe because I grew up with 3 sisters. Most of the women I paint are inspired by my sisters.

  • Who are the women that inspire you? 

Iris Apfel, Frida Kahlo, Laura Esquivel.

  • How would you describe your art in 3 words?

Feminine, colorful, full of prints and pattern.

  • Bringing colors and nature to your paintings, is this also something that you bring to your daily life? 

Yes, in my home and style (clothing).

  • What are you most proud of?

That I draw and paint!

  • What do you think about when you create? 

Warm and tropical places.

  • As this is mainly a food blog and I’m really interested in others favourites foods! Could you share with us your favourite meals? Something that you always come back to?

I love Arabic food. From Egypt: Kousharia (a meal with rice, lentils, onion, tomato sauce and chickpeas). From Morocco: Tajine with vegetables and meat.

  • What’s in the future for you?

To paint and to travel a lot!



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