Lifestyle Favourites: August 2020

I am really happy to start a new section on this blog that will help me gather all the different things I love into one article: Lifestyle Favourites!


If you follow me on Instagram you probably know by now that I am obsessed with Danessa Myricks Color Fix products! I recently purchased 3 new shades (Ballerina, Alien & Rustic) from Industrial Beauty in Spain.
I really love to use these 3 colours in combination (I used them here) but also alone or as a final touch (Ballerina is fab for that and just adds light & dimension to any eye look).
I cannot wait to get more shades, Color Fix truly is a unique product: the colour payoff is fantastic, you can mix them together or with other products to create new shades, they blend really well and don’t crease!

Next, as a huge Katie Jane Hughes fan, I decide to get some Make Up For Ever bits. I often follow Katie’s product recommendations as I know I can trust her and she’s always available if you need any advice.
I decided to finally try the Ultra HD Concealer in the shade #30 as I wanted something for every day that would help cover & even things out without being too full coverage if that makes sense. I love the consistency – light and creamy, it provides coverage, blends really easily, and holds very well.
To complete my KJH inspired MakeUpForEver purchase, I had to get Endless Cacao; if you know, you know 😉
I have a couple of lip pencils lying around that I either use as an eyeliner or as lipstick, I always thought that lip liners were “just” used to define and shape lips and I didn’t really need that. But a lip pencil is so much more! Endless Cacao is such a beautiful colour that pairs well with many brown, nude but also pink and red shades to add depth and dimension.

Finally, after joining the Texture & Tool masterclass hosted by Danessa Myricks x James Molloy, I decided to get a couple more MyKitCo brushes as a generous discount was provided to all attendees.
I own different brushes from different brands that I love but I have to say that MyKitCo brushes tend to stand out. They’re high quality but won’t break the bank. From my last purchase, I got the 0.22 My Flawless Face Medium and 1.7 My Ultra Multi. The 0.22 brush is amazing for any face product you want to apply. I use it with any liquid foundation but also the Ultra HD Concealer, and it seamlessly blends the product into the skin for a flawless look as the name suggests. The 1.7 brush was the brush that was probably mentioned 20 times during the masterclass, James uses it for almost everything and I thought it would be a nice addition. It is GREAT for undereye concealer but also covering any blemishes or texture with a liquid or cream concealer.


You’ve probably heard of a new genre that became quite the phenomenon this summer: bardcore. Taking modern classics, many creators rework songs using different medieval-style instruments such as flutes, fiddles, or harps and sometimes rewrite lyrics like Hildegard von Blingin’ and her Jolene cover.
While the trend already existed on YouTube, the number of covers available truly exploded this summer and you can now find many YT channels specializing in bardcore covers.
From Hips Don’t Lie, to Africa and What Is Love, you can find a cover for pretty much any song you want.
As some people have pointed out, bardcore might have become a thing because we are heading towards another Dark Age but I think they’re really fun. I’m just in awe of these creator’s ingenuity, and I’m thankful for finding a genre that reminds me that humanity has lived through darkness & survived.

Released earlier this summer, Jessie Ware’s latest album was still a favourite in August. What’s Your Pleasure is a fun & seductive album full of disco power. Jessie Ware proves that she deserves her title of contemporary pop queen.


I didn’t buy many fashion-related items this summer as I was still working from home, practising social distancing, and not really dressing up for my daily walks, but there are still a couple of items that I invested in.

  • Sézane’s Farrow Bucket Bag in natural raffia. I’ve been wanting to get a summer raffia bag for some time now, as I think this material is ideal for summer and works well with any look. I was about to purchase the Elleme Raisin Raffia bag when Sézane launched this new version. I love a bucket bag and considering it was about half the price of the Elleme one, I didn’t hesitate for one second!
  • I know it might sound idiotic to buy a new pair of shoes when you’re not planning on going out all summer either for drinks or dinners but I couldn’t let these Make My Lemonade Rainbow Gallia Mules go.
  • Finally, no “haul” would be complete without including some leopard print. I got this little jumpsuit number from Make My Lemonade (again) and I couldn’t love it more. The fit is so flattering, the linen & cotton mix makes it super comfortable to wear & you can go from casual to more dressed-up when you throw different accessories to it.

July and August have been slower months for me in terms of reading but I still managed to get lost in some good stuff.

The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett: The novel focuses on two twins, the Vignes sisters, who live in a small southern town called Mallard. At the age of 16, they decide to move to New Orleans and this is where they each go on their own path. The author brings the hot topics of colourism and white-passing to the table. I found the first 1/3 of the novel a bit slow, but afterwards, it quickly picked up as I got lost in the action and became much more invested in their stories. I am also very pleased that this summer Brit Bennette made a deal with HBO to make an adaptation of the book into a limited series!

The Body: A Guide for Occupants by Bill Bryson: I love the kind of books you don’t have to read all at once, the ones you can keep on your nightstand or coffee table and pick up whenever you feel like reading a chapter. Taking the reader on a journey from the brain, through the immune system to the lungs, every chapter is full of facts & anecdotes that will make you appreciate the wonders of the human body.

Roundtable Journal Issue 03 I love a good magazine made for women and centred around women. I bought this issue as Michaela Coel was on the cover and I love everything that she does. This issue did not disappoint!

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