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Nut and Coconut Granola

Let's not lie to each other - we all like cereal and granola right? Whoever hasn't eaten cereal for dinner, raise your hand. No-one? That's what I thought. I've definitely finished entire boxes in 2

Easy Vegan Chili

Anyone who knows me or follows my Instagram probably knows that I live for Mexican cuisine. It's so delicious, perfectly spiced, savoury... just writing about it is enough to make my mouth start

Apple Hand Pies

I wanted to bake something sweet this weekend and since I had some apples to use I decided to make hand pies. The great thing about these is you can change the filling for whatever you want to use or

Vegan Mexican Poutine

A friend of mine lives in Montreal and recently shared a picture of her eating a poutine. If there is one food, we all associate with canadian cuisine, it is poutine, that french fries + gravy combo