3 Simple & Savoury Sandwiches

I couldn’t continue this Amazingy Cooks column without sharing any of my sandwich recipes. Last year, Alana (our lovely Amazingy Mag health columnist & my hot choccie bestie) and I established “Sanga Mondays” – a day for everyone to bring whatever they wanted from home to make sandwiches together at the office. We would share everything we brought and ended up creating some epic sandwiches. Our tradition has sadly been put on hold ever since Alana left for maternity leave – but after feeling so inspired by the photoshoot for this recipe, I’ll definitely bring them back!

I’ve always been a sandwich girl myself – there’s just something that makes a sandwich so satisfying. When I was little, Sundays used to be my sandwich day; it was the only night of the week where my mum wouldn’t cook, and everyone had to make their own sandwiches with whatever was in the fridge – we would eat them in the living room instead of having our usual meal at the table.

No matter what you decide to put in it, for me, a good sandwich comes down to the bread you use. You need bread that can beautifully hold all the ingredients in between each bite. I usually like a thick slice with a delectable, airy interior and crustier, crunchier exterior. In Berlin, one of my favourite spots for bread is The Bread Station in Kreuzberg.

In this article, I want to present my Top 3 simple & savoury sandwiches – ones that you can pack for work or school to upgrade your lunch al desko game. Two of them can be made ahead – and for the third one, you would need to have access to some kind of grill, stove or sandwich press (which is not unusual for many offices or schools). And be prepared: these sandwiches are gonna make your lunch break that much better 😉


#1 Vegan Chickpea Salad Sandwich


#2 Ploughman’s Chutney Sandwich


#3 Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Honey & Pear

You can get the recipes for these three sandwiches on Amazingy Cooks.

All pictures by @syn__thesis

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