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I wanted to try out a new section on the site to share some more lifestyle related articles about things I like and want to help you discover.

Since I pay a lot of attention to what I eat, it’s natural that I’d also be interested in knowing what I put on my skin as well. A few years ago I began to change all of the beauty care products I use (skincare and makeup). Of course this cost quite a bit at the start but I was quickly satisfied by the results. If you’re also interested in taking the leap, I’d suggest to start by first changing the products you use the most (day creme, cleanser and makeup remover for example), and then continue to change out old products bit by bit. The whole process might take a while  but it’s definitely worth it!

I want to speak a bit about one brand in particular that I discovered recently and that I really like – it’s called Whamisa.

Whamisa is a Korean company who offers a range of skincare products – all organic and 100% natural. Active ingredients are carefully selected and fermented to preserve all the natural benefits. By using fermented flowers in their products, Whamisa are able to really get the most out of all the plants’ natural goodness and deliver it directly on to the skin. And before you ask, don’t worry, they don’t smell bad at all!

So, this all sounds very seductive in theory, but does it work? In my experience, its a big yes!
Now, I’m going to tell you about 3 products which I use every day.

  • Toner Deep Rich
Unlike​ most toners it contains no water fillers. Instead, it is composed of a base of aloe maculata with chrystanthemum flower extract, oats, fermented flowers and other plant extracts.
I use it as the second step in my daily care routine; it gives a shot of hydration after cleansing. To use it, I dispense 1 or 2 drops of the fresh gel into clean hands and gently use the palms of my hands to pat my face.
One test of this product and I was hooked: your skin feels incredibly revitalized, radiant and smooth like a baby’s. I’ve become a total fan, and I look forward to using it every day. I pair it with my favourite serum for best results!
 whamisa toner deep rich

  • Lotion Double Rich

Botanical extracts like aloe maculata leaf extract and olive fruit oil are used instead of water to maximize benefits. Ingredients are fermented to better preserve natural benefits and effectively nourish and hydrate skin.

I use this lotion just before applying my day cream. I know that might seem like a lot for some people but for someone with dry skin like me, using a lotion gives an extra layer of protection and hydration, and I would recommend it for anyone with naturally dry skin or who lives in a cold climate. Personally, I don’t need it at all times of year, but with the cold winters in Berlin, I have to admit that this extra protection is a real lifesaver. Now that the summer is approaching I sometimes choose to forego this step in my routine.

  • Eye Floral Essence

This essence contains numerous active hydrating and anti-aging agents, including lactobacilli, herbs and fermented flowers which help to reduce dark circles. These ingredients moisturize and replump the delicate skin around the eye, lightening it. Its liquid texture (it’s an essence, not a cream) penetrates quickly without leaving any oily, sticky residue – ideal if you like to put on makeup straight afterwards like me!

Using it twice a day, you’ll start to notice the effects pretty quickly: when you wake up, your eyes will be less puffy, with visibly less dark circles. I used to have to use an orange concealer before using my regular concealer, but I quickly stopped using it since the dark circles faded. They don’t completely disappear, but they’ve faded drastically. Of course the best treatment is a good night’s sleep and a healthy diet.

As far as the fine lines, I have yet to really notice any effects after two months of use, but I have seen some remarkable effects on other people, so – patience!

whamisa eye essence


Do you know Whamisa Skincare? What do you think about organic and natural skincare?



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