naan pizza pesto artichoke

Naan Pizza – Pesto & Artichoke

Naan pizza has become our Friday night ritual since 2020 started. Noam & I just love them; it's fun to make & to experiment with various ingredients. Whether you're single, in a relationship,

How to Read More Books

A couple weeks ago, I was having a conversation with two of my best mates about how to read more books. One said he only  picked up a single book in 2019 and the other mentioned that she used to read

3 Simple & Savoury Sandwiches

I couldn’t continue this Amazingy Cooks column without sharing any of my sandwich recipes. Last year, Alana (our lovely Amazingy Mag health columnist & my hot choccie bestie) and I established

My Favourite Veggie Cookbooks

I started buying veggie cookbooks when I became vegetarian 7 years ago and began cooking every day. It helped me get inspiration and now those books are truly my best meal plan companion. As much as I

chilaquiles verdes

Chilaquiles Verdes

I was about to share this Chilaquiles Verdes recipe on Cinco de Mayo but then thought, do you really need a special day to post about Mexican food? No, I don't think so. Mexican food is

leek and ricotta quiche

Leek & Ricotta Quiche

I've truly rediscovered my love for quiches in the last months. We have a little café in the neighborhood where I always go for lunch at least once a week, they serve the most delicious vegetarian